How to Play NBA Live Mobile with friends

NBA Live Mobile allows friendly games between Facebook buddies and league members. To enjoy these features players need a level five game account connected with Facebook.

NBA Live Mobile leagues are a social feature. Players join or create a league to unlock more game content. When joining a league, players gain access to friendly matches, league tournaments, league achievements and league content that includes basketball player cards acquired from league tournaments. The league option becomes available as soon as players hit level five. The recommendation for new players is to join a league, instead of creating one.

There are lots of friendly leagues looking for new members. Friendly matches between league members offer a good opportunity to train and to improve skills. It’s way better to practice while playing a friendly game than a ranked match in head to head mode. Besides training, leagues provide a way to enjoy the social aspect of the game. As players improve their skills, lineup and acquire better cards they can join their league members for tournaments against other leagues.

Facebook friends can compete in NBA Live Mobile matches. Players first need to synchronize their game account with their Facebook profile. This is done in game. As soon as the two accounts are linked, players will see which one of the Facebook friends are playing the game and they will be able to challenge them to a game. The matches are not ranked like the head to head games. These games are just for fun and a couple of prizes.

The option to play with friends is displayed in the head to head screen. On the right side of the screen, players will see a friends button. Tapping it will allow them to challenge a friend, see a list of the games in progress and finished matches. Linking NBA Live Mobile to a Facebook profile is a good idea anyway as game progress will be attached to the Facebook profile and not to the guest account anymore. All players should do this before uninstalling the game or switching to another device. If a Facebook profile is not linked to the game, all progress is lost and players have to start again from scratch. To have enough NBA live mobile coins is important to play with friends, which can help you to get the stronger players and to have the stronger team.